Kinder Program

(Ages: 4 - 6)

Three children stand together with their fists raised. There are two boys and the girl is in the middle of them. The two children on the left are focused as the boy on the right smiles widely.

This program is designed to assist your child in discipline, respect, street proofing, co-ordination, fitness, concentration, and focus. This is achieved through the introduction of Martial Arts while they are able to have fun with children in their own age group. This program includes basic stances, strikes, blocks, self-defense, and Katas.

A Kata is a pre-arranged set of movements where you are fighting an imaginary opponent. These pre-arranged movements are known as BUNKAI. Bunkai are the hidden self defense techniques in a Kata.

The Kinder Program is generally taught in smaller groups. Due to the age of these children, this program and the curriculum is broken up into smaller segments and taught at a slower pace. The Kinder Program will prepare these children for the Children’s Evade Program.

Belting System

White → White-stripe → Yellow → Yellow-stripe → Orange

See also the LIST OF KATAS for each belt level.