Team Canada

The Canadian National Martial Arts Team is comprised of a group of individuals aged 4 and up. These individuals are of all ranks from white to black belt who have met the criteria and who have had the honour of being selected. Team Canada travels to a different country each year to represent our country in International competition at the International Congress of Martial Arts (ICOMA) International Games. Team Canada has been recognized by the Ministry of Sports, local MP’s, MPP’s, Mayors, as well as the Prime Minister of Canada.

The Director of Team Canada is Master Tom Shamoun (from Shamoun Generation Martial Arts) who holds an 8th Level Black Sash in Shaolin Kung Fu. Team Canada Captain is Sifu Lorenza Shamoun who holds a 3rd Level Black Sash. Bryon Davis is the Team Regional Director for the Brantford Area.

Criteria for selection in Brantford by Master Bryon Davis:

  • Effort in all regular and competitive classes

  • Maintain regular dojo curriculum and regular class performance including a minimum of three regular classes a week, competitive classes, and sparring.

  • Compete at all the ICOMA sanctioned tournaments.

  • Once selected, school grades and home responsibilities must be maintained. Lack of effort or performance in school and misbehaviour at home will result in being removed from the team.

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