2015: Run for Light

D & D United performs demos at the Brantford Run for Light every year. This annual event fundraises for blind athletes. Sensei Bryon will approach individuals and ask for volunteers to perform at the event as it approaches.

2015: Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Hunt 2015: Every year D & D United hosts an Easter egg hunt for our students. Check out the photos from our 2015 Easter Egg Hunt!

2014: Ray's Reptile Zoo

For the club sleepover in March of 2014, Ray’s Reptile Zoo came to visit. For more information on Ray’s Reptile Zoo, please visit their website at

2011: Marcus Soares

Marcus Soares is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where he was one of the main instructors of the World Famous Carlson Gracie Academy until he moved to Canada in 1997. Mr. Soares is a frequent visitor to D&D United and operates seminars for our students. Mr. Davis will inform students when the next upcoming seminars are happening.

For more information about Marcus Soares, visit his website at

2010: Black Belt Test

When our red-stripe belts get to the stage of black belt testing they go through 3 two hour pretests and a four hour final test. The 2010 Black Belt pre-tests were photographed. We've left them here so you can check it out.

2010: Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame

In 2010, Bryon Davis, Linda Davis and Kelsey Cooper were the Karate Family of the Year at UMAHoF.

2010: Run for Light

D & D United performs demos at the Brantford Run for Light hosted by W. Ross Macdonald school for the visually impaired. This is an annual event that D & D United is sure to turn up at.